5 x texture on the wall

Wallpaper that not only looks good, but feels pleasant too.

Vinyl wallpaper with texture gives your interior a glamorous look. Combine it with subtle prints and you will create a timeless interior, inspired by the texture of nature, in no time. Discover the 5 most beautiful wallpaper textures of the collection Chic Structures and their stories.

1. Little rocks

Bring the atmosphere in your room to a higher level... with stones. This new wallpaper technique gives a different feel to your interior. The range of wallpapers has a lot of variation in both colour and texture. The golden details provide a design statement while the stone effect gives your room a sleek and modern look. Are you looking to renew your interior, but not to start immense renovations? Perfect! The Little Rocks wallpaper will become the eye-catcher of your interior.

2. Calm with structure

Do you prefer a simple pattern, but you are looking for something extra? Then work with a subtle texture on the wall. There is calm overall, but the pleasant texture grabs the attention immediately. This wallpaper matches perfectly with white linen or natural tone on tone cotton pillows. This wallpaper goes well with a variety of warm fabrics, pillows and blankets.

3. Fill your room with birch

A pattern with birch trees, as if you live in the middle of the forest.

The texture of this wallpaper feels like the bark of a tree. Perfect for those who want to bring the wonders and textures of nature into their home. Combine this wallpaper with white linen or natural tone on tone cotton pillows.

4. Geometric shapes 3.0

Geometric prints have fascinated many designers for years. They are still a source of inspiration. Sleek, graphic shapes provide a modern edge to a more classic home. Combine this with copper accessories for a more rugged look.

The soft fibre structure tempers the strong geometrical pattern of this wallpaper. This duality is a perfect marriage, providing your interior with that little bit extra. The combination of sparkles and light will conjure new facets of your wall with every ray of light that enters your house.

5. Movement on your wall

Rugged, icy landscapes and capricious mountain deserts are an inspiration for contemporary wallpaper design. Panoramas where fluid movement and fine lines give nature its character.

Bring your room to life with wallpaper full of organic movement. The wallpaper Organic Structure reflects a wild structure and provides your room with a rich impression. The shadows make the relief even more intense, allowing you to experience more of the texture.

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