Are you ready for an eclectic interior? This is how you keep things stylish.

After Scandinavian simplicity kept our interiors in a straight-jacket for a long time, it’s OK to be bold again now. Yes! Electic interiors are back and they provide you with the freedom to bring colours, patterns and textures together in a mix-’n-match radiating personality. The only rule? There aren’t any! (Or perhaps: don’t forget your wallpaper). For anyone at risk of getting lost in the multitude of ideas and possibilities, we have some well-aimed advice that is sure to stick. Because, no matter how eclectic an interior might be, style is always key.

Use one colour as a base

Prevent your mix-’n-match of patterns and textures looking cluttered by limiting yourself to four colours. Choose one or two base colours and supplement them with one dominant colour. Have you seen how popular earth and rust tones are nowadays? They give your interior a refined, exotic look.

Place special souvenirs or finds on display

Unique objects personalise a home and eclectic interiors simply beg for them! Think of an African mask, a ceramic vase, an old painting or a Berber carpet. It’s high time you gave those travel souvenirs or vintage finds a place. Place your eye catchers in front of calm wallpaper, so they can get all the attention they deserve.


Combine basic furniture with statement items

An eclectic interior allows you to mix styles, and that is what makes it so fun. Want to combine a modernist wall cabinet with a retro seat and counter it with floral wallpaper? Anything goes. Do note: supplement your statement items with basic furniture within your colour palette. That will prevent your home from becoming a colourful cacophony.

Surprise with patterns and textures

An eclectic interior is built on the surprise effect. Wallpaper is the best tool to create that, by far. Choose wallpaper with a pronounced motif, a tactile relief texture with golden accents or a lush floral print. As long as you maintain harmony in the colours and choose a lively mix of patterns an objects, you can’t go wrong. Go!

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